Type A runner

Training takes up a large part of your life.  If you add up the hours a week you spend running when preparing for a race, you will realize you have signed up for a part time job.  Therefore, it is important to make sure you keep reminders of your training visible so we don’t slack our training and get behind.  I like to keep track of my training in two areas: image

The first place I do this is on my fridge.  I know all of you look at your fridge AT LEAST once a day.  Next to the pictures of the kids, friends, and family put up your training program.  Then cross off the workouts you do.  I also like to put a picture up to set a “running theme”….it also reminds me to be more conscious about my food choices as I go to eat 😉


I believe all cats should do yoga ;)...Thank you mom for my calendar

I also like to keep a more detailed log on my calendar.  I have my own color coded system for yoga, cross training, strength work, speed work, long runs, and easy runs.  This allows me to make sure I am keeping up with my workouts for the week.  Systems don’t need to be glamorous or complicated.  They just need to work for you.  What systems will you do to keep yourself on track with your training?

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