running clears the mind

Running clears your mind–It Also Stimulates Good Thoughts!

running clears your mindIf you have been running for a long time, think back to the time in your life when you were your fastest.  Now think about what was going on in your life.  Were you happy, sad, mad, stressed, happy???  I am guessing most of us ran our fastest while going through a “negative” emotion.  I know I have definitely used running as a way to run through or away from my problems.

So the question then comes down to how do you run when you are happy?  Without that “stress” to get away from for a while do you still hit the trail?  If you do, do you run as long or as fast?  If not why not?

From my past experience, it is adrenaline that makes me run faster and longer.  As I run, I think.  If I have negativity in my life this fuels me to get angry and run faster.  I am naturally creating a fight or flight response in my system.  Not only can I push harder, but I am happy to stay away from the real world longer and get lost in my run.

If you are having a bad day go for a run and run off your emotions.  You will get a great workout and feel better after!

So let’s go back to when you are happy.  You should still run.  Rather than avoiding your pal (your running shoes) when you are happy make a date with them!  Then think about all the things in your life that make you happy.  List them, think about, think about how you can show them your appreciation!  Then if you thought you were happy before you left you will be surprised how happy you are when you get back!  Then spread that happiness! 🙂

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